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USYF Great Lakes Regional Championship 2016

Click here for official schedule.

Akron, Ohio
Fri 1/159:00pmRCS 1Great Lakes FA 13 13-2Barbarian FC U13B
Fri 1/159:00pmRCS 2Barbarian FC U18B7-9REVERE 18S

Sat 1/161:00pmUA 5Barbarian FC U18G6-3Futsal Factory
Sat 1/162:00pmUA 4Barbarian FC U13B6-1Chill 13 Boys Academy
Sat 1/164:00pmRCS 2Michigan Futsal Factory11-4Barbarian FC U16G
Sat 1/164:00pmUA 4REVERE 16S2-10Barbarian FC U16B
Sat 1/166:00pmRCS 3Chill U18 Boys Academy1-17Barbarian FC U18B
Sat 1/167:00pmRCS 2ABK U16 Boys Reserves 3-7Barbarian FC U16B
Sat 1/169:00pmRCS 1ABK Womens Premier0-5Barbarian FC U18G

Sun 1/174:00pmUA 5Barbarian FC U18B13-0Ginga Academy
Sun 1/176:00pmUA4Ginga Academy12-0Barbarian FC U13BU13B
Sun 1/178pmUA 5Barbarian FC U16B11-3Futsal Factory AcademyU16B
Sun 1/179:00pmRCS 3Barbarian FC U16G8-2ABK U15 Girls Reserves
Sun 1/1711:00pmRCS 3Heart and Sole Women6-12Barbarian FC U18G

Mon 1/189:00amRCS 3Barbarian FC U18G3-6Heart and Sole WomenOW Final
Mon 1/1812:00pmRCS 3ABK Girls Academy9-2Barbarian FC U16GU16G Semi
Mon 1/182:00pmRCS 2Barbarian FC U16B7-9ABK U16 Boys Academy U16B Semi
Mon 1/183:00pmRCS 3Louisville Futsal Academy5-9Barbarian FC U18BU18B Semi
Mon 1/185:00pmRCS 1Heart and Sole6-5Barbarian FC U18BU18B Final

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