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USFF National Championship 2014

Anaheim, California
Fri 7/252:00pm6Aussie Green1-9Barbarian FC U16G
Fri 7/252:50pm5AMWAY2-11Barbarian FC U16B
Fri 7/254:30pm8SUSC1-6Barbarian FC U16G

Sat 7/2610:40am6Barbarian FC U16B2-1Richmond Sol Cobras 98
Sat 7/264:30pm6Barbarian FC U16G4-3Lady LegendsSemi

Sun 7/278:30am6Barbarian FC U16B2-4LEGENDS U-16B
Sun 7/2711:30am3Barbarian FC U16G10-2SavageFinal
Sun 7/271:30pm3Barbarian FC U16G4-0Aussie Yellow (Australia)International Friendly
Sun 7/272:30pm5LEGENDS U-16B3-2Barbarian FC U16BFinal
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