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The Barbarian FC is the original futsal club of Western Pennsylvania. It provides opportunities to players and families who seek a fun and competitive learning environment. The Barbarian FC are an independent football club, where players come to develop their skill as people as well as players.

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Barbarian FC Supports Colleen Kennedy

Colleen Kennedy, age 21, was recently diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme, or GBA for short. She has two tumors on her brain and a large one on her spinal cord. GBA in a 21 yr old is unheard of, and actually there are no known cases reported to date in this country as it usually only presents itself in the elderly. Colleen played soccer and futsal in the local area. Several former and current members of Barbarian FC know her and we want to support her and her family by praying and spreading the word to help support the "Fight for Colleen"!!!

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