Who We Are

Western Pennsylvania’s only independent competitive club organized specifically for futsal, the Barbarian FC associates freely with every outdoor football association without interference or prejudice and is not affiliated with any one outdoor club. Player ages range from U8 through
U19 competing locally, regionally, and nationally in matches and leagues under US Futsal. With an ongoing resolution to nurturing a lifelong passion for the sport and club, the Barbarians promote both Open Men and Open Women’s teams comprised of but not limited to players who competed on behalf of the Barbarian FC as youth.

We are the only organization involved in youth sports who has addressed and embraced ACL/MCL injury prevention on a continuing basis for the last 13 years, not only in hope of avoidance but also in lessening recovery time should an injury arise. Long before any others the Barbarian FC designed and implemented a HANDBOOK for giving clear guidance to its members. It is revised as warranted to meet the concerns continually facing us in ongoing effort to remain contemporary.

While many talk of development we are committed to each individual’s ability to develop here, in time, with patience. We are the only competitive futsal club who have developed an IEP (Individual Education Platform) for each member allowing for them to progress at their own pace.

We do what we do and how we do it for players to gain a long term sensibility and instill an enduring confidence in themselves, within our style of play, with or without the ball (creativity), and the greater community outside of football, in life. Even though selection is a part of our
process, we do not feel the need, (nor have we ever,) to hold tryouts.

If you have an agenda that is contrary to what we do, the way in which we do it, or why, then this is truly not what you are looking for! Many measure success by the number of wins and trophies that are garnered. The Barbarian FC measure success one enduring relationship at a time.

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