Who We Are

The Barbarian FC is Western Pennsylvania’s largest privately owned and operated indoor competitive soccer club. Players range in ages U8 through U19. Our game, futsal, is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. We compete locally, regionally, and nationally in matches and leagues, under the auspices of the United States Futsal Federation (USFF) and United States Youth Futsal (USYF). The Barbarian FC is the original member club in West Penn Futsal’s Prime League and the only club in Western Pennsylvania organized specifically for futsal.

Why Futsal?

The Barbarian FC continues to set the standard in youth football with regard to the development of players. It is the only club in Western PA that does not have try-outs or cut players from its ranks yet remains the most competitive in this area, regionally, and nationally. Our methods are proven. We are the only club continually working to develop the ability of its members’ consistency and skill, as players and people. We have often been imitated but never quite duplicated both in our approach and our playing style.

For players who are committed to the improvement of their overall insight and understanding of the game, futsal is the only training tool that consistently improves a players’ ability to attack and defend the counter attack, confidence with the ball, first touch, foot skill, speed of play (decision making, execution and recognition), and fitness level, simultaneously. If you are committed to competitive football, and more appropriately competitive futsal then those who are members know, ‘Your Goal is Ours’. When looking for a Futsal Club, remember The Barbarian FC is the one independent club in Western PA with no outdoor club affiliations or, with any one community in its make-up.


It is our mission to help players attain whatever level of proficiency or competitiveness they seek, with the hope that they will strive at all times for the highest level of play possible. It is also our intention that players within THE BARBARIAN FC, known as The Barbarians, will forever exhibit the utmost respect for the game, and all of its participants.

Code Of Conduct

Each one shall be one forever, in as much as each one must be invited back on a yearly basis and they have served for at least two year’s time, which need not be in succession; with one year being from the time the season begins to the time that it is concluded. It is an agreement that must, here-to-for be entered into with moderate sobriety, and focus on true selflessness in imparting and sharing knowledge that will empower one another’s ability, not only as players but also as students of the game, as well as in life.

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