Keith Tozer

I cannot express in enough words how excited and how proud I was that you asked me to come and train your very talented players. The Barbarians are a very talented Futsal club but most importantly great role models for some great young players. All of you should be very proud of the job that you are doing and it was an honor for me to attend. I will pass on my experience to the USFF…

Keith Tozer
Head Coach US Men's National Futsal team

The following are unsolicited testimonials from parents, and players. These sound bites are not intended to discourage anyone from seeking entrance to The Barbarian FC., or intended to be self-patronizing. They are offered as an insight to what we strive for at all times within our organization. It is what separates us from others whose only interest is winning and not the development of the person.


Thanks again for the efforts. The Barbarians have been a tremendous experience. Not just teaching futsal, but teaching respect for the game/players/coaches and supporting staff;
– You shake hands while others cross their arms and pout.
– You welcome players back and accept a mistake while others hold grudges.
– You face losing with respect for the opposition while others make excuses.