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The Barbarian FC are happy to announce the formation of the U8 Futsal Training Academy for children who will be 8 and under, to 6 years of age, in 2023. The focus and purpose of the program is to help develop the foot skills and spacial awareness necessary to play with confidence and to encourage a lifelong passion for the game of skill known as futsal.

Commencing Sunday, October 16, 2022, training sessions will be limited to a maximum of 16 players if accepted, continuing on consecutive available Sundays through the conclusion on Sunday, March, 26 2023. We are currently accepting applications for inclusion in this year’s program through October 10, 2022.

There will be a minimum of 16 sessions, with a running time of 2 hours each session, at a cost of $400.00 per participant and a special dispensation for families with more than one child enrolled. Make no mistake, Futsal is the foundation for your child to achieve success in football. The Barbarian FC are unequivocal when it comes to the commitment in the development and growth of its members as players and people!

All sessions will be hosted at CLOH The historic Carnegie Library of Homestead, the birth place of Olympic Medalists, and Futsal State, Regional, and National Champions! Sessions will begin promptly at 1:30 and end at 3:30.


The‎ Barbarian‎ FC‎ announces‎ the‎ next phase of INITIATIVES‎ for‎ all‎ seeking‎ opportunity‎ to‎ play‎ Futsal‎ in‎ the‎ 2022-2023‎ Season.‎ Our INITIATIVES are a‎ free‎ event‎ that provides a‎ firsthand‎ look‎ into‎ the‎ Barbarian‎ FC‎ system.‎

The scheduled dates for participating are 9/16, 9/30, & 10/14. Each session will begin promptly at 6:15 PM and conclude by 9:00. Sessions will be at Pro Sports Monroeville. Sign up for any or all scheduled sessions before 9/12.

Each training session will have a limited number of participants. You will be notified of your acceptance to attend on or before 9/13. Only‎ players‎ who‎ register‎ will‎ be‎ considered‎ for‎ inclusion. We look forward to having you!

Our independence and unique style of play comes through our dedicated manner and approach to the game, and the individual growth and development of each member. The only people who coach here are those who have played futsal for the Club, or who are currently training and playing here. Mentorship.

In our experience, our effort for sustainable growth, anonymity, and professional offing, we refrain from using parents in any capacity other than as parents.

The Barbarian FC has never, will not, and does not hold tryouts to participate with the Club. We are a numbers driven organization. If we have space we will offer a place for you to train. Sessions for training have a limited number of participants.

Our focus is on the complete player with an emphasis on creativity. We recognize that the growth and development of each member is the most important part of our approach and manner, as well as the identification that each member is unique, requiring time to accomplish what we all are in search of, without a rush to do so.

Once you access entry into the Barbarian FC you will not be cut from our ranks. If you violate our HANDBOOK, lack the commitment, dedication, or knowingly and willingly violate the spirit of fair play, you will not be asked or allowed to return. Each, and every selection for teams that will represent the Club, is at the discretion of the Barbarian FC. Our selections are based on the growth and development of each individual, the game, and the team.

Hopefully, you too will have an awareness of how we work on each member’s behalf at every turn, in a concerted effort, to attain the highest level of play possible. We value having those who respect the process of growth in the development of every individual within the Barbarian FC as well as in society.

Prior to acceptance, all potential prospects must read, review, and respond, by written execution of the Barbarian FC Handbook and adhere to the Code of Conduct with focused intent of elocution of The Barbarians’ Creed

Every member submits their availability for training by way of Survey. Each member then receives their Individual Training Program (ITP), which may be updated monthly. Subsequently, if there is a need for a change we can transition more smoothly. All members train weekly. More days are eventually added according to availability.

Surveys are used similarly for league play and tournament play. Every selection is at the discretion of the Barbarian FC and based on the growth and development of each individual, the game, and the team. We work on inclusion not exclusion.

Our training fee for sessions from October through mid March is $800.00. Typically, we request a deposit of $100 by September 15th to secure a spot. Subsequent payments are spread out through the end of March or longer if needed. Once accepted, we work to accommodate your family’s involvement. No fees are collected unless you are accepted into the Club.

Uniforms, league fees, tournaments etcetera are nominal charges, (usually below $100.00 each) and as with any required fee, it is best to communicate if anyone needs financial aid or extended time.

Hopefully you will have an appreciation of how we work on each member’s behalf at every turn, without haste, in a concerted effort, to attain the highest level of play possible. We appreciate having those who at all times appreciate the process in growth and development of the individual within the Barbarian FC as well as in society.

David W.Sayles, Manager
Barbarian FC

About Us

The Barbarian FC, providing opportunities to players and families who seek a fun and competitive learning environment, are an independent football club where players come to develop their skill as people as well as players. The Barbarian FC survives as the only original member club in West Penn Futsal’s Prime League (2000) with our origins circa 1995. Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. Click here to learn more about The Barbarian FC.


Keith Tozer

Keith Tozer
Head Coach US Men's National Futsal team

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