Frequently Asked Questions

What is futsal?

The term is derived from the Spanish or Portuguese word for ‘soccer’, FUT bol or FUT ebol, and the French or Spanish word for ‘indoor’, SAL on or SAL a. Futsal is 5v5 played usually indoor in a basketball sized court with a heavier and smaller ball which promotes skill development due to the smaller environment. It is said that futsal is like playing soccer in a fast forward fashion.

Why futsal?

The Barbarians have adopted the approach that the best method to develop a player’s knowledge and skill about the game of football is through the small sided game. We have placed our priorities on indoor soccer because it is the longest continuous season we have and the game itself can be played year-round. Futsal is the preeminent game for indoor soccer and the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. It is the game of skill. Click here to learn more.

When are try-outs?

The Barbarian FC does not hold try outs for our club but we do make selections of players to teams that we assemble. When you are accepted into the Barbarian FC our goal is the development of the complete player. We do not operate in the fashion that many are accustomed. Our training begins in October and goes into March. We attempt to make certain that any time we accept players that it will be a qualitative experience and not quantitative.

What age do you start with futsal training?

We begin training players as early as 7 years of age. Please let us know more about any person you have in mind for possible inclusion.

How often does training take place?

Each age group is assigned one training day per week with many of the age groups and individuals having the opportunity to train in addition to their one assigned day on multiple days or times throughout the course of the indoor season.

Where does training occur and what days?

The primary location for training is currently the Pro Sports Monroeville. We also use facilities located within the McKeesport Area School District or Elizabeth, PA. We will determine where and when a particular age group trains as our season approaches. Depending on availability we will always seek additional locals.

Where do matches take place?

For those players selected to represent the Barbarians in league play, a majority of our teams play in USFF (United States Futsal Federation) sanctioned leagues in different locations such as Monroeville or Gibsonia. Additionally, we have competed in the past in leagues also organized by USYF (United States Youth Futsal) that play in Akron, at the Ruber City Sports Complex or in Cleveland at Ohio Sports Nets Complex.

Isn’t the objective for my child to be on a team?

Players are not assigned to teams unless they have been recruited directly by the Barbarians for a specific team. If and when we have enough interest (numbers) we will make a determination on whether we will field a team. The formation of a team in a particular age group is not always our focus. Our emphasis is on offering the best possible program for the development of our players with the hope that they will eventually be competing in matches, on teams. We do not assign players to teams until we know where things stand and where we can offer them the best available tools to improve their skill-set and the viability of league play.

What is SNS?

Saturday Night Social; club wide opportunity for members to get together and play. Developing their confidence to be creative, with the ability to flow with whom they play, with or without the ball.