Futsal Camps 2023


June 19-21st. Pro Sports Monroeville 6:15pm-8:45pm. $125

Camp includes:
  • Proper Futsal techniques
  • Passing with a purpose
  • On ball and off ball vision/being comfortable scanning field
  • Improving core strength, stability, and balance movements.
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Girls Camp

July 10-12. Pro Sports Monroeville 6:15pm-8:45pm.

Pittsburgh’s first all girls futsal camp! Camp will have many female coaches who grew up playing futsal at a high level
  • Improve on ball confidence
  • Creativity on and off the ball
  • Believing in your abilities
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High School CAMP

August 1-3. Pro Sports Monroeville 6:15pm-8:45pm.

Camp to prepare the high school and 8th grade athlete for their upcoming season. Includes:
  • Speed and agility
  • Quick Footwork Composure with the ball
  • Quick decion making
  • Body positioning
  • Skill moves
  • Shooting
  • Improving acceleration and deceleration movements
  • Injury Prevention
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