Payment Schedule of Fees

Training Fee per player remains at $800.00 for 2020-2021 Season. The deposit of $100.00 that was due 9/15 will serve as your first installment of payment toward the training fee. Subsequent training fee payment schedule is as follows for single player families:

$200.00 on or before 11/15/2020

$200.00 on or before 1/15/2021

$200.00 on or before 2/15/2021

$100.00 on or before 3/15/2021

For families with 2 players;

$300.00 on or before 11/15/2020

$300.00 on or before 1/152021

$300.00 on or before 2/15/2021

$300.00 on or before 3/15/2021

$300.00on or before 4/15/2021

We appreciate the effort that everyone takes to pay fees in a timely manner. At this time we are not posting fees for players selected for league or tournament play. Once we are able to determine the costs we will give ample notification for due dates. Uniform requirements will be met in as timely a fashion as possible as well as assessing costs. 

Each of you are encouraged to complete your Training Survey and all of the active documents available under the My Docs Tab immediately, and to be certain they are, in order to receive your ITP to begin training. At various times we will ask for you to update your availability for training as well as for any of the other availability requests, and we hope that you will exhibit flexibility based on our projections as well as yours. 

In many ways this will be a very demanding year and we want you to understand that we work with everyone in any way we can to have real progress with respect for others. If there are any questions or concerns that need addressed please do not hesitate to bring them to my immediate attention. We can only hope that you understand and willingly work with us, in this effort for the continued development and growth of futsal, this club, and ourselves.


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