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We need full compliance on meeting the various requests we make from time-to-time, not the least of which is the Training Survey, so that we can move forward on the season. Thank you to those who have done so, and to get started we will provide you with your schedule as we look to begin training on Tuesday, October 20! If you have already submitted your Training Survey, please do not submit any changes or addendums. The next available changes will take place between the end of November and the beginning of December. Based on your submission we reserve the option to change your ITP according to the days you have deemed as ‘available’.  For those of you who have not submitted a Training Survey, please do so immediately! 

As we have stated, this will be a challenging year for each of us. Cooperation from everyone is fully appreciated and the only way for us to enjoy any success we seek. We intend to reduce everyone’s training fee by $100.00 for November and look to reduce all costs where we are able. It is always our aspiration to have members training multiple times per week even if we stated that it will be once weekly. Presently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of flux we find ourselves facing, we ask not only for your cooperation but your patience as we work this formula out. Whatever we do here in the Barbarian FC, we do to our member’s benefit, not our own. 

Our protocol on masks and Covid are expressed in the document you each are required to sign. The current policy at Pro Sports Monroeville is that everyone who enters the building must wear a mask. Upon entering I will be there to take your temp, etc, and follow through with our Protocol. We are not requiring anyone to train with a mask on but encourage everyone to be considerate of those around them and to wear one if they are able to do so. The coaches will all be wearing masks during the sessions. No parents will be permitted to remain at training or interact with players other than their own family members. When players are on break, we ask that if they engage others to do so at a 6’ physical distance and with masks on! 

We have no insight as to what the leagues will request with respect to dealing with their protocol. We hope that the precautions we take will help keep each of us in good health. We do so in the spirit of teamwork, so that each of us will continue to develop and grow, socially aware with respect to all. Please complete your Training Surveys today. 

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration, always!


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