League Play & Regional Fees

In an effort to supplement the training we provide, we are providing our members with some competition to test their skills in the futsal court. In order to offset the cost for the league and the referee fees required for match play, we are asking our members to pay $75 if you are a permanent player or a rotating player on 2 or more teams. If you are a rotating player on one team, we are asking you to pay $40. We have posted 3 different payment methods on our website. Use the method that works for you. To find out if you are a permanent or a rotating player, view the links below:

2012B | 2010G | 2010B | 2008B | 2006B | 2006G | 2004B | 2004G

Teams that have rotating players can be found here for January 29th-30th and here for February 5th-6th. The rest of the weekends will be posted soon. Please continue to update your availability for League Play on our League survey so we can move forward with game schedule.

As a reminder, please continue to monitor the Total Futsal Schedule for changes and updates to the game schedule. If you haven’t signed the Total Futsal Waiver, please do so at your earliest convenience.

US Futsal Northeast Regional

Thank you all for submitting the tournament survey in a timely manner as we are able to submit the application for our PA West Futsal State Cup Champions 2006B to attend US Futsal Northeast Regional in Atlantic City, NJ the weekend of February 18-21. This tournament fee will be $70 for those participating.


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