USYF Great Lakes Regional Tournament 2024

Though neither the 2011B (2-2) nor the undefeated 2013B (2-0-1) were able to advance, ask the parents of the players if they think it is worthwhile to participate in the USYF Great Lakes Regional Tournament.

In my opinion, the players who were able to participate benefited immensely; developing a greater appreciation and understanding for futsal, and in these types of competitions, learning how what we do is effective when players are disciplined in their development while training. In some respects the saying is you play the way you train! It is imperative that each of you seize and appreciate the training opportunity you are offered, here.

We can attest to the 2011B adaption during the weekend and very much appreciate their progression in maturity. They demonstrated the resilience that may one day bring them the success in opportunity we seek for every player who would call themselves members of the Barbarian FC. While we are aware of their shortcomings,  to a player they never quit trying even while being pummeled in the first 2 matches of pool play. They played for, and created chances for, one another. Though they may not have been able to win either of their first two matches, they learned the team that comes out on top is the one that finishes their chances! It is a testament to your families and Coach Sean that you never stopped trying and ended the tournament 2-2.

The 2013B were less fortunate, in spite of a winning record 2-0-1, unable to advance from their pool. Their final match, a draw (5-5), ranks as one of the best matches any Barbarian team has ever been involved with and gives proof to the fact that you never quit on any ball in futsal as well as no lead is ever safe at any time while time is still on the clock!

Parents and spectators were treated to a match where both teams played their hearts out from start to finish for 48 minutes. Not once did either side resort to the chippiness that seems ever-present in what many have come to expect in a futsal match. Both sides attacked and defended literally to the final whistle.You would have to have been there to have a full appreciation of what we witnessed firsthand.

Imagine if you can, our opponent went ahead with under 55 seconds remaining and with under 20 seconds on the ensuing kickoff, the Barbarian FC 2013B drew even, not to be denied! On this momentous occasion,  the acknowledgement by the team’s cheer was for their keeper who made some spectacular saves along the way giving his team the chance to stay undefeated. ‘One, two, three, Andrew!’

Our sincere appreciation to the families and players who represented the Barbarian FC in our return to Akron. Botti, Butts, Dobies,  Duggal, Harvey, Jenniches, Josephic, Long, Magilson,  McClintock,  Pearson,  Retzer, Sheleheda, Thomas, Wierzchowski,  and Zawodni.

Thank you!

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