FYI 04272024 Summer Training


We will offer Summer Training Sessions on Thursday evenings at PSU Greater Allegheny Campus beginning May 9. The sessions will be consecutive Thursdays through July 18th, with NO TRAINING SESSIONS SCHEDULED FOR JULY 4TH, 2024!

The cost per player is $250.00. Sessions are 2 hours begin promptly at 6:30. Please complete the survey if you are interested in participating. You will be notified of your acceptance.

Similarly, the possibility of Tuesday sessions are under consideration. Please complete the survey for Tuesdays if you are interested. The above information will apply if Tuesdays are offered.

THURSDAYS ARE VIABLE. TUESDAYS ARE STILL ONLY UNDER CONSIDERATION! The Tuesday sessions will run concurrently and consecutively May 21 and July 30 NO TRAINING SCHEDULED for July 2!

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